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General Services

Air Distribution
Single/Multi Zone Constant Volume, Variable Air Volume, Dual Duct Constant Volume, Dual Duct Constant/Variable Volume, Variable Volume/Temperature, Packaged Rooftop, Water Source Heat Pump, Ground/Air Source Heat Pumps, Residential Packaged

Pneumatic Controls, Electric Controls, Direct Digital Controls

Shop Drawing, Submittal Review, Construction Observation, Record Drawings

Electrical Power Distribution & Emergency Power Generation

Electrical Systems (Special)
Signal & Data Cabling, Security, Closed Circuit TV, Fire Alarm, Voice Evac, White Sound

Energy Conservation
Air-side Economizer, Hydronic Economizer, Energy Reclaim, Ground Source Heat Pump, Dual Fuel Gas/Electric Heating, Double Effect Gas Heating/Cooling

Facility Control and Building Automation

Fire Protection
Sprinkler Systems, Environmentally Safe Inert Gases, Pre-action Suppression Systems, Wet Pipe, Dry Pipe, Pre-action, Halon, Fire Detection


Interior Lighting, Building, Site & Parking, Special Effect

Piping Distribution
Chilled Water, Low/High Temp Heating Water, Condenser Water, Refrigerant, Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Indirect Drainage, Low/High Pressure Steam, Underground Systems, Water Source Heat Pump, Ground/Air Source Heat Pumps, Residential Packaged

Sanitary Sewer and Vent, Storm Sewer, Compressed Air, Control & Instrument Air, Acid/Oily Waste and Vent, Acid Neutralization, Medical Gases, Laboratory Gases, Laboratory Grade Water, Domestic Water, Control & Instrument Air

Constant Volume, Variable Volume, Primary/Secondary

Centrifugal Chillers, Reciprocating Chillers, Air and Water Cooled, Low Temp Applications

Special Ventilation

Energy and Feasibility Analysis

Customer Rate Structure and Utilities Contract Evaluations
Evaluations; Trigen, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Natural Gas

Economic Evaluation
Rate Structure Analysis, Establish Costs & Escalation, Yearly Operating Costs, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Comparison of Alternatives, Rates; Energy Sources, Loans, Discount Rates, Utilities, Construction, Maintenance, Equipment Replacement

Energy Audits and Consumption Analysis

Energy and Operating Costs Analysis

Feasibility Studies
Research, Field Confirmation, Actual Energy Cost Validation, Develop Alternative Systems, Preliminary Design (Alternative Systems), Construction Cost Estimating, Computer Modeling

Special Studies

Data Center Reliability Studies

Feasibility Studies for Emergency Power Source Studies